Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Disney 2011 - ROADTRIP!

So we have been back from our Disney World trip for about 3 weeks now and things are starting to get back to normal. DW was so much fun and we took full advantage of every second of our time there. But, before we even left home, there were some huge storms coming through Indy, so we had to wait a while before we started our adventure. There were tornadoes down south, which was on our way, so we decided to just wait until they were out of the state. 
Ready for DW!
On the way, we saw some tornado damage, some of it ON the interstate.  The state police were everywhere!

On our way down, about a million hours in, we stopped at a Florida rest park for lunch (breakfast was at Cracker Barrel!) and it was way too HOT!

C, like his mommy and doesn't like hot weather

Took way too much food :)

Z took time out from lunch for a sword fight.
Are we there yet...can't tell you how many times we heard that!

After lunch, ice cream was in order :)

We stopped at a Country Inn and Suites in Ocala, FL and it sucked! 
I usually LOVE staying at CIAS, but this one was not very nice.  I seemed like the first CIAS ever built LOL! 

Up next....


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We just got back from our vaca to Disney World (HOT) last Saturday and things still haven't calmed down.  Had a baseball game on Sunday and I had to work.  We started VBS this week and, starting next week, the kids have a 2 week swim class.  I thought summer would be easy, but I am starting to think it is worse than the school year!

DW was a blast, but it was stifling hot! If you know me well, I absoluately hate being hot...with a true passion. Air conditioning is my best friend and if I get hot, I get irritable and when I get irritable, everyone better watch out. I ended up being in the sun way too long so my lupus acted up (just the rash part), but I used up as much shade as I could find and the rash went away pretty fast with some steriods. I totally forgot my flipping hat and mommy arms at home, so that was a big waste LOL!  :) 

We ended up leaving the night of some pretty bad storms in southern/central Indiana. We waited until they were pretty much through the area that we were driving through, which put us leaving home around 11 pm.  We drove through the area that a tornado went through and there were trees on the interstate and police cars blocking lanes...it was crazy, but overall not too bad. We stopped for breakfast at the usual, Cracker Barrell, and from there, I have no idea because I was tired and slept most of the way. 

Anyways, the kids had a blast, it was hot and I took tons of pictures.

OH! And poor baby Z lost his sucky. Very very very sad...

So, we at lots of junk:
Seriously Disney? Dessert with EVERY meal?
Taught our kids bad manners:

Taught our nephew bad manners:
I got my 6 yo to ride Tower of Terror!

Last time we took the older 2 to DW, they freaked out in a 3D atraction so I was terrified to take them to one this time, but they all went, including the 2 yo, and they all LOVED!

A Bugs Life (Animal Kingdom)

We ate at the SciFi restaurant at Hollywood Studios (which I highly recommend!)

I will tell you more later about where we ate, what we did and how tired I am LOL!