Who Am I?

I am a married 30-something mom of three wonderful, adorable and GROSS boys.  I work from home and as a medical transcriptionist and stay pretty busy.  I love camping, Goodwilling, searching garage sales for interesting finds, antiquing, taking pictures of my kids...and so much more.

I have been married to my college sweetheart since 1999 and we are still going very strong.  We met on January 13, 1996 at Ball State University at his apartment on Dill Street and, yes, it is amazing that I remember that date because I can barely remember yesterday :) 

Together, and with the grace of God, we made 3 adorable boys who I love more than anything in the world.  I can't think of any better job out there than being a mommy.  My husband and I are raising our children according to the Biblical word and I pray every day that we are the parents He has created us to be. 
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I was diagnosed with Lupus (cutaneous type) during summer 2010.  Having cutaneous Lupus basically means that I am allergic to the sun...meaning I am as white as a ghost or, as I tell my kids, " mommy is a vampire!"  You can just call me Mrs. Cullen :)  Unfortunately though, I don't get all sparkly in the sun (if you don't get that reference, you have not caught the Twilight flu).  Instead, my disease flares up and I break out into a blistery rash, develop joint and muscle pain, severe fatigue and horrible headaches.  There just isn't too much information out there for those with this type of Lupus, so I am just praying, winging it and making the best of my situtation.  I know I have this for a reason and that God is preparing me for something amazing.

It doesn't come often, but when I do actually have free time, I like to sew, play Wii with my men, bake, go to Zumba class, walk on my treadmill, and much much more.  Eventually, I want to have time, patience and some left over money to be able to craft, paint and learn embroidery stitching.

I <3 to read books and have a few that are my fav:

And though we have been through a lot since 1999, my hubby and I have worked so hard to keep our spending in line and our credit card to a bare minimum and, after all these years of scrapping by and doing without, I am so excited to say that, other than our mortgage...

No more credit cards, no more car payment, no more loans!!!

Sometimes I make a lot of sense, but most of the time I don't.  And sometimes I just want to talk and talk and talk...so, you can listen if you want :)

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