Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Don't Get Too Comfy!

Have you ever noticed how just when you get comfortable with every aspect of your life,
God pulls the carpet out from under you just to shake things up a bit? 

I always find that when I am comfortable and content, I worry that something is about to happen that is going to change everything.  This time, it's my job.  You see, I am a medical transcriptionist, and these days, the field is slowly, but surely, drying up due to doctors going down the cheaper route of sending work overseas, doing their own reporting in the office (which I think is just rude to the patient who has to sit there while the doctor is typing away), but also going with cheaper companies who just turn out work instead of turning out good quality work.  Anyways, now that doctors and hospitals are chosing different ways to document their records, I am in a holding pattern waiting to see if more work will come my way, or if I need to break down and update the good ole resume. 

Thankfully, it's summer, and my husband has a great job that offers more work this time of year, so he is working overtime while I sit at home and hit the refresh button on the computer every few minutes hoping that my work pool will offer up something to work on. 

I just sit, waiting, wondering, hoping for something to come along and, in that time, I am working on things around the house.  Catching up on cleaning, fixing, straightening, washing, filing, scanning, redoing, you name it.  I just hope this doesn't last too long, and I pray that I will hear God this time and that I will actually listen and do what He says.  He does know what is best!

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