Wednesday, August 10, 2011

School "ROCKS!"

I remember the first day of school when I was little. It was always confusing, a little awkward and a whole lotta frightening. I hated the first day and dreaded every second of it. I was that awkward little girl sitting in the corner wishing that no one would look at her or even talk to her. I guess I am still that way, but now instead of feeling like someone will make fun of me or hurt my feelings, I just don't care.  Don't look at me, talk to me, because I just don't want to be bothered.  Let me do what I came to do and leave me alone LOL!  Guess you can see why my friend-base isn't so big :P

Since school wasn't the high point in my childhood, I wanted to make it a little less scary for my kids.  I don't want them to feel alone or scared because that was an awful feeling that I have never forgotten.  When C started school, I wanted to give him a reminder of me when he was at school so he wouldn't be scared, which reminded me of my first year of college. 

I went to Ball State University (GO CARDINALS!!!), which was only about an hour away from home, but I was in a new place with new people and had a new routine, and I hated new thing and I knew no one. The first time I saw my family after I was dropped off on that first day was on Labor Day. When the weekend was over, I did NOT want to go back, so, before I left I was talking to my dad in the driveway of our cabin. He bent down, picked up a rock and gave it to me telling me to not forget him. I don't think he meant it seriously. I think it was more of a joke, but it was very important to me. I took that rock, kept it all through college and I still have it today.  It's been about 15 years!

That gesture meant so much to me that since C started kindergarten, I have gone outside the night before the first day of school, picked a rock from our flowerbed, prayed over it and written "I <3 U" on it. 
The day of school, I explain that, through this little rock, I will always be with them and that I have prayed that God will be with them too.
(I also have them write their teacher's name and room number on a piece of paper, just in case :P )
I know it's kind of dorky, but I'm like that. I want the boys to know that I am always thinking about them and, if they get scared or nervous, they can reach into their pocket, feel that rock and know that there is someone who loves them very much. My hope is that they will always know that someone is always with them, in spirit.
As you can see C (L) was all for going to school...NOT!
Kinda smiling, but probably embarrased that mom is chasing him with a camera!

A with his first day smile :)

There they go :(

They're back and had a good first day!

P.S. I usually have my rock, but the kids have gotten a hold of it and I can't find it. I wish I could cause I would take a picture. I put "Labor Day '95" on it so I would remember the day and significance of that rock.  That rock just shows you how important the little random things that you do for people are :)

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