Sunday, August 7, 2011

What Happened?!?

Okay, the school year just ended and we went to Disney World, which literally feels like we just got back from a few weeks ago.  It's already August and I am now realizing that the kids start school on Wednesday!!  How did this happen? I have gone a whole summer and blogged like 3 times.  It's not like there wasn't much to talk about. We got a new to us swingset from a workmate of my hubby and the boys absolutely LOVE it!  The best part of it all, IT WAS FREE :P  I wish I could get the pictures off of our camera, but I just can't get it to work.  We also got a new to us van without going into debt, so I can still yell WE ARE DEBT FREE out the windows whenever I feel like it :P  I love the van! With 3 boys in the same car, the further away I can get them sitting, the better.  They are much better behaved when they are separated, which makes mommy smile :)  I just wish I could keep the van all to myself, but the hubby has to drive it to work because the gas mileage is much friendlier than what we get from my Expedition. 

By the way, I found the most amazingly wonderful awesomest website in the whole entire world and I have fallen in absolute LOVE!  Come and visit me over at Pinterest and friend me if you are already there. I love it, have shared some of my other loves and would love to see what you love too :)

On my way out, I thought I would show you a funny that I found at DW that made me laugh:

Not "Please Put Your Waste Here"
but "Please, make sure you waste...something."

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