Sunday, March 17, 2013

A few days in and....

Well, I'm a few days into my "diet" and I haven't had too much trouble.  Down 0.9 pound (almost a whole pound) and I have only been drinking one diet coke a day.  I have been drinking plenty of water and can really tell the difference.  Before, when I was drinking cola all day long, my throat was so dry, and my tongue felt like sandpaper.  I had to have a drink in hand at all hours of the day and it was getting to the point where my diet coke was my crutch.  Now, after only 2 days, my throat isn't dry at all, and I don't feel like I constantly need a drink by my side.  I have found it easy to start drinking more water with Mio Water Enhancer.  YUM!  My fav is the sweet tea, which I can drink all day long.  No calories! 

I am going to hopefully start my exercise routine tomorrow.  Fingers crossed for that.  I am hoping that the man downstairs doesn't break into my head and knock down my confidence.  He so tried to today, throwing me thoughts like, "what's the point!?"  "You can't lose the weight!"  "Those pants will never fit anyways."  So irritating, but I have been knocking him back down whenever he tries to do anything.  I just hope I can keep it up.  I usually do good with a diet or fast for a few days, and then slowly fall off the back of the wagon.  I just have to have strength and believe in myself!  I have been thinking about working on my crafts whenever I feel "hungry" or "bored".  I have so much to do with picture frames, painting, rearranging, hanging.  I also have tons of laundry and cleaning to do, so maybe I will get off my rear and start doing that! 

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