Friday, June 4, 2010

My Friday Night Date and Avatar

The kids were at Gmas tonight and Mike and I + little one went out to eat at my favorite restaurant, Cracker Barrell!  I love that place.  Come on, what better place can there be when you have shopping and a store mixed into one.  They really need to come out with a clothing store with a restaurant attached.  I should come up with that...I will keep you posted on that front (I know you will be on pins and needles just waiting!).  While we were at CB, I meant to take a picture of the best meal ever, but I snarfed it down way too fast to take time.  I always get biscuits and gravy with hashbrown casserole and a Diet Coke, of course.  Never fails, that is what I get.  I have found that whenever I change my routine at that place, I am always disappointed, so that is what I get EVERYTIME!  Can't possibly fail. 

After said BEST MEAL EVER, little one took a nap :)

On the way home, we decided to stop by a RedBox and rent a movie.  We wanted Shutter Island, but that wasn't in yet, so we got Avatar instead.  Unfortunately, I was not aware of how sad some parts of it were and I cried like a friggin baby! 
That pic, is of me after a good cry or two.  I have to tell you that Avatar is the best movie EVER!  I would love to see it on IMAX and in 3D.  I swear, a love story can get me every time.  I am in love with an Avatar :)  If it is ever possible to be turned into an Avatar, count me in.  Seven feet tall, blue skin, cat eyes and, most importantly, I can wear and work that ponytail :) 

Love to all and all to love peeps!


Mommafo said...

I was glancing through my blogs and saw "Cracker barrel and avatar" and thought, "Hey, that's what Kristin did last night! Oh." lol! :D

Look at your puffy cryface :D

I really want to see Alice & Wonderland. Have you bought it yet? If so, bring it over Saturday!! (YAY!) Pizza?!

Cabubsmom said...

Pizza sounds yummy! My mil won't let me have the movie, so we will have to burn it. BOOO!