Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Baby MONSTER is 2!!!

My Baby Monster turned 2 years old last week and we had his birthday party this past weekend. 
Being way over excited to show off my mad skillz, I wanted to be creative and make the cake and cupcakes.  The cupcakes were to be Red Velvet from Created by Diane, which looked delish!

I made sure to get all the right ingredients:  
Ingredients + A's skateboard out in front by the salt :)

And I followed each and every direction, step-by-step, to get the mixture just right:
Even though it was kind of thick, I thought it looked okay and tasted very good.

Now on to baking.  I used my brand new, handy dandy (thought it was $1.99, but ended up being $11.00) ice cream scoop like they do on tv and poured the mixture into the baking cups. 
A is so proud of his mommy :)
And after they were done, I took them out of the oven and got these:
Nice and moist, and yummy with a little bit of a chocolate flavor :)
See the moistness?  They came out soooo yummy.

Then, a few hours later, something bad started to happen.  They got heavy...they got really rock boulder heavy!  Trying to be positive, I just stored them up and got the rest of hte stuff ready for the party. 

Then, as my luck would have it, the next morning, when it was time for the party and I pulled the cupcakes out, I swear if I would have dropped even one on the floor, it would have gone straight through the floor and into the crawl space and maybe, just maybe, into the abyss of hell! 
These things are seriously HARD! 


Sorry, I had to say that :) 

But in all seriousness, I had to swallow my pride and hide these abominations from everyone at the party...well, I did have to show some people my major fail.  Someone had to laugh with me right? 

BTW, I am not even going to go into what happened with the what was supposed to be fabulous cream cheese that was an EPIC FAIL! 

But, I do have something totally wonderful that came out of the party..well, 2 things actually. 

The first is the actual cake I made for my Little Baby Monster.
All it took to make this little guy was a Big Top Cupcake maker, some icing, two donuts and VOILA!!!
My adorable Mickey Mouse cake!!!  Love it :)

The second most wonderful thing to come out of Little Baby Monster's party?

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Jolene said...

I love your cake!