Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Hard Week Can Be Made Easy...

Lying in bed watching Phineas and Ferb with A, and loving every second of it.  The clock is still blinking from the power going out for two seconds this morning, but I really don't want to fix the time because the time is actually right and the flashing isn't really that annoying, though I am thinking it's really because I am just too lazy to press two buttons at the same time to stop the blinking.  Hey, momma can't fix everything.   

The weather has been terrible this week.  A huge winter storm blew through with sleet, snow and high winds knocking out power everywhere, stranding people at home and cancelling schools and closing businesses.  I haven't ventured outside for two days and I am so not going out tomorrow.  If I did, I would fall flat on my butt and everyone knows that.  I already can't walk so why even try.  If I see a bump in the sidewalk or a feather laying on the floor I automatically trip.  I even fall in my dreams...It's just a fact of my life.  I AM clumsy. 

This week started out horrible with my Papa's funeral and me stressing about starting a new job the day after said funeral.  The funeral was brutal, but the closure and time spent with close family was a much needed band-aid over my sad open wound, which is healing slowly, but surely.  I was shocked when the pastor started reading my blog about Papa to everyone in attendance, but it brought tears and some laughs, so I am glad it helped those who needed to smile. 

The job is going great.  It's much different from my old job where we had about twenty to thirty pages of requirements that changed at least once every day, if not three or four changes in a day.  I have had a great week doubling my line count and getting great feedback.  I cleared out the account today and it felt great to finish everything.  I also work Sunday through Thursday with Friday and Saturday off, which really helps with Mike and I since Mike is off half day on Friday's.  Couldn't have worked out better.  Just praying that this is the fit I have been looking  for. 

Due to the storm, the kids have been home for the last two days and school is closed tomorrow, AGAIN!  They are starting to drive me a little bonkers, but thankfully, M has decided to work half days so I can get some work done in the afternoon and evenings when the kids are here. 

I hope you are all cozy and smiling because I am tired and ready for bed.  God bless you all and I love you to pieces :)

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