Monday, March 28, 2011

Cookie Fail!

Cookies just have no hope in my home...
I just don't have the cookie thumb.

Why oh why did they have to die :(
We even followed directions...
and this is what happened.
I give up...
I will just have to leave the cookie cooking
to the bakers from now on.

This week is spring break at our house
 so the kids are home and stole the camera:

Niece and A

Z looking just a wee bit high.

Kids playing made up Weeble Wobble game.
Aint he cute :)

And it's only Monday!!!!
BTW, made this last night: 

Bad pic, but it's cute :)


mck said...

lol @ the pic of him holding the plate with the dead cookie...he looks angry...idk if it's at you or the cookie :)

Yummy Mummy said...

OMG I love the faux tie shirts! My friend just had a little boy and has made a ton of tie onesies. And I am eternally grateful that you have posted my button :) Thank you.

Tracy said...

Stopping by from Bloggy moms to follow :) Looking forward to your visit @
Take care, Tracy

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

I LOVE cookies :)
I'm following from Bloggy Moms.

Thrifty Mom Spot said...

Try throwing the batter in the fridge overnight! It's usually not in the recipe but makes cookies turn out great :)

Following you from Bloggy Moms! Would love if you'd return the favor, thanks :)

Cabubsmom said...

Never thought about letting the batter sit in the fridge! That is a good idea and I will totally have to try that...I had enough for us to make to batches this week, but the kids broke into the other bag of chocolate LOL!

Kalen said...

I have the same problem with cookies! I made some just this past weekend, and ended up with a cookie cake instead!