Thursday, March 17, 2011

Craft Shopping and Maybe Making...

I have been so busy lately that I haven't even bothered to think about what to talk about on my next post. 
I have a lot of things to say, but they are so random....much like my mind...

This Sunday is the first day of spring!  I will be so happy to get rid of all of those snow-filled cold days of winter and move on to warm sunny days.  I so love the warm weather, especially when you take a step outside and feel the instant enveloping warmth that covers you from head to toe.  *ahhhh*  I love how the landscape progresses from a stark wasteland of dark browns and grays into a vast array of greens, reds, oranges, yellows and every other color under the sun.  The smell of freshly cut grass and the sounds of the crickets at night are just so relaxing.  I believe spring is the best time of year!  

With the coming of a new season, I have been searching blogs to try to find creative crafts to work on and I have found a few that I am dying to make, and I swear, I WILL MAKE THEM!  

Here are a few projects I want to work on...

When some people look at an ugly lamp, they see the beauty that can be made from it. 
When I see an ugly lamp....I see an ugly lamp. 

I found this lamp over at Cottage Hill and just fell in love with it!  It is so my style and the colors are perfect for my house and talk about so easy to make!  I just wish that when I went to Goodwill or garage sales that I would have that creative eye, but now that I have somewhat of an idea of what I can do, 
I am looking for an ugly lamp to make into something beautiful and special. 

I found this Spring Easter Wreath over at A Diamond in the Stuff and I really really want to make it. 
So adorable and so cheap, though it looks like it cost a pretty penny! 

Here is a sewing project that is perfect for me...very very easy....

I found it over at some sort of French blogger site. 
Again, the original is ugly...very ugly!
It starts out with a tacky ugly old lady wool skirt

and turns into an adorably wonderful sweater! 
Yes, it's a sweater and I don't really need one until at least October, but I guess I have plenty of time!!!

I may be getting myself into trouble surfing the blogosphere for easy and absolutely adorable craft projects because there are so many out there and I want to make every one of them,
but I guess my excuse could be that they are cheaper to make than to buy...right?

Next blog update???  Maybe I will have actually done one of these and can show you....

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