Saturday, March 5, 2011

Use Your Time Wisely

We all have time in our lives, lots of it, and we all spend our time differently.  There are a lot of things I like to do and a lot of things that I want to do, but the thing that I like most of all?  
I LOVE to spend time with my kids.

Whether it is watching this guy's crazy antics before bedtime: 
Mr. Spongebob Squarepants
Watching these guys while we are just hanging out
Woody and Buzz Lightyear
Or watching our new favorite, Open Season 3:
But I love just sitting and talking and letting them teach me about creativity, imagination and the joyful feelings of learning something new.
I like to spend time with all of my kids together AND seperately. 

Last week, I spent a while with my oldest doing his thing,
This is a great way to hang out with him, because he just opens up and talks about everything while he is getting his creative on.  He will just talk and talk and talk and I will just listen and watch him excitedly tell me the stories of what happened at school today, what he did at grandma's
or what he learned from a friend the other day at church. 
He has such a great imagination and is, I think, a wonderful artist.  I love spending time with C because he always teaches me something new about his amazingly creative world. 
Here, he was probably telling me about Queen Amidala or giving me some insight into his favorite episode of Total Drama World Tour.  He is always writing stories or keeping picture books that he has drawn and I cannot wait to show them to him when he is older and has forgotten about all of his accounts of life as a child.

His stories are fascinating and I hope they stick with him forever! 

By the way, we were using
They aren't the cheapest marker set out there, but we probably paid half price or less because I always stock up on this stuff at sales, especially the day after Thanksgiving and we ask for them for Christmas presents when we don't know what else to ask for.  (My kids are spoiled and have about everything else).  Believe me, in this house, it is money well spent because my kids use the heck out of markers and crayons.  I have 3 amazing artists!  I also love the fact that, since I have a 2-year-old who absolutely LOVES to draw on anything he can reach, he cannot get these markers and color all over everything. 

That's C's picture. 
He drew a beanstalk up to the skies and fairies.
We had just watched Tinkerbell on the Disney channel...have no clue where the beanstalk comes in. 

This is my picture. 
 I drew a huge flower with a purple pig or donkey...can't really tell. 

We had a lot of fun talking and coloring and I can't wait until tomorrow when we can hang out again!
My challenge for you, if you don't already partake in your childs time,
spend some time with our baby and see how wonderful it makes you feel. 
Maybe you will learn something new about him or her and see a different side of that angel you helped God bring into this world
Until next time my friends, C and I bid you adieu until next time :)


Our Banana Moments said...

Hello there, stopping by from Bloggy Moms! I would like to say that boys are only gross until they are men but, that isn't so true!


I look forward to following your blog.


Anonymous said...

my original comment did not post. *rolling eyes* anyway....coloring is cool!! gotta get some of those markers! never saw those before...why cant i follow you????

Cabubsmom said...

I have no idea why you can't follow me :( And the markers, AWESOME! Wish I would have had them before my kids drew all over the walls and doors :)