Friday, April 22, 2011

It's Friday again, but even's GOOD Friday!  
Happy GOOD Friday to all of my brothers and sisters in Christ.
Let today be the day (along with every day) that we remember why we celebrate the
life, crucificition and resurection of our Lord and Savior,
Jesus Christ.

This week has been a wild and crazy week in my house. With a few homework apocalypses, the hubby  working extra long hours, me stressing about barely having any work, baseball, tons of rain, thousands of messes and mini-Chernobyl's been FANTASTIC! Wow, could you read the sarcasm in that? I am all frazzled and tired and have literally woken up every day this week with an upset churning and icky stomach. I have so many things running through my head that being committed for a week or two is looking mighty sweet right now.

But, alas, no breaks here missy! In exactly 1 month and 4 days, we have our trip to the Wonderful World of DISNEY! No, we don't have the luxury of flying like the fancy types, we are packing all of our diapers, sippy cups and pillows into our Expedition and taking a road trip. Yep, that is my 3 boys, myself and my hubby all packed into a tin can barrelling down the highway at 75 mph for 16+ hours straight.  Doesn't it sound like fun? Maybe not to you, but road trips have always been my ultimate fav right up there with unicorns and glitter...HAHA!!!  Not really, glitter is my mortal enemy (just think kriptonite and superman ).  But I really do love road trips. I always have the same things at hand. My Zune, a diet fountain drink and twizzlers. If I run out of anything, I stop at the nearest gas station and fill up.

Ah, the open road with nothing in front of you but the swerving psycho semi drivers, multiple potty breaks (though I have boys and potty breaks consist of  "here, pee in this bottle!"), that sooooo slow driver in the left lane that you just can't seem to pass and, even if you do, he is just going to pass you at the 260 mile marker. You have the many miles of construction and those horrendous gas prices. Ah, America's open road :)

I am already preparing a Disney Road Trip binder for A and C with coloring pages, a scavenger hunt and other awesome, time consuming, activities. If you have any ideas, let me know!!!  We are also compiling all of their favorite movies to take along to watch in the car as well. SO EXCITED! 

List of To-Do's:
  • Complete binders.
  • Make 2 placemats for Z.
  • Make 3 pairs of mommy arms, so I can actually be in the sun.
  • Make the kids matching shirts (ugh, I at least need 1 shirt for each kid each day!)  Yeah, starting to think that's not going to be possible LOL!
  • Lose about 30 pounds. (I can dream can't I?)
  • Pack, pack, pack!


Theresa said...

Happy Good Friday to you too!! It sounds like things are pretty crazy for you, but I'm glad you have something fun on the horizon. We have been pretty crazy right now too, so I understand. I hope you have a wonderful Easter!!

Jolene said... made me giggle! You are a brave women with all those boys heading out on a fabulous 16 hour trek!