Wednesday, April 6, 2011

So, One of Those Days Again?

Have you ever had one of those days that just started out good and then, in one instance, you fall into a funk? Well, today is that day for me.  Just got back from the doc (third appt.) and the jaw is still locked.  So, now I am asking myself, "am I just wasting the docs time?", "am I just wasting my money on something that can't be fixed?" I am just so upset with myself. I am such a spaz case and wish I would just calm down and let the doc do his friggin job! I wish I had a good family medicine doc who understood my needs and my issues and would just provide me with the anxiety meds I know I need! The doc wants me to relax and get comfortable so he can work on my neck and jaw, but I can't relax. I am instinctively a ball of nerves and stiff muscles. I just want the doc to take my neck, pop the freak out of it and whip my jaw back in place, but he doesn't want to go there unless I am comfortable, which I completely understand. URG, when am I going to be comfortable and relaxed....Maybe I can get drunk or drug myself on muscle relaxers before my next appt.!

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