Thursday, April 7, 2011

Today is Toddler Talk Thursday over at Crazy about My Baybay and the topic is:

"What are you and your Toddler reading before bed?"




Am I a bad mom since I don't read to my baby before bed? 

Instead of reading, we cuddle on the couch or in bed and watch Spongebob

Cuddling is quality time right?  It's as good as reading right? 

I don't really like reading...

Okay, total Nook would totally be mad at me right now for saying that. 
Truth is, I really don't like reading to my kids...they ask WAY too many questions!

CRAP!  One more thing I need to put on my list to improve my parenting skills
Along with...

Feeding them at least three meals a day
Bathing them more than once or twice a week
Listening to them when they are talking to me
Not ignore them when they are telling me about how wonderfully exciting last weeks episode of Total Drama World Tour was while I am trying to watch The Middle or Modern Family.  I really need to stop bobbing my head around to see the screen, I think they are catching on...

My list is getting sooooo long

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Michelle said...

Hey there! Came over from Whimsy and Whirl to check you out! I'm following now. And NONE of us are perfect! LOL I'm working on a few of those things above too.